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Over the years, Facebook has become a major source of connection and information for the home education community. It’s where many people find a place to ask questions, get ideas and inspiration, organise meet-ups with others, and share events that are on. Whilst Facebook provides many benefits for home educators, there is no central organisation or regulation of groups.

The information, advice and views expressed on the groups listed below do not necessarily represent the views of HEWA and is intended only as a resource tool. 

Facebook groups spring up when someone sees a need and groups come and go over time. If you notice that the information about one of the groups below has changed or you would like a group listed, please email:

There are LOTS of groups listed below, so please keep scrolling down for groups in WA, Regional areas and National.

Tips for Navigating Online Groups

Tips for Navigating Online Groups

a) Facebook groups usually have a search bar where you can type a topic or keywords of a question and search for answers or information from people who have asked the same or a similar question to you in the past.

b) Keep in mind that not all of the advice and information expressed on Facebook groups is accurate. Things that people share may not be the full picture or there may be another side to a story that isn’t shared. It is beneficial to seek advice from reliable sources such as HEWA when it comes to topics such as legal requirements, moderator questions and problems. 

c) Keep in mind that you will get different answers to questions on different days, so there may be other ideas than what you see on one particular day. It’s also important to understand that there are MANY different approaches to home education – what works for one person may not be right for another – explore your options. 

d) HEWA acknowledges that not everyone wants to use Facebook, however, we are not responsible for the choices of the home education community at large. If you prefer not to use Facebook, check out our “In-Person Groups” page, or perhaps consider creating a Facebook account that you use only for home education purposes.

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Western Australian Homeschool Groups: General

Home Education WA (HEWA) Knowledge Collection Group
This group is for current home-educating parents in Western Australia to connect, share knowledge and support each other. This group provides high-quality daily curated content and resources relevant to the home education community. This group is inclusive of all home education philosophies and styles.

Home Education WA
This page shares information about home education and learning for current home-educators and those considering home education. Current home-educators can also find high-quality, daily information and resources for home education, request to join the Home Education Knowledge Collection Group.

Homeschooling Perth
This is a group for home-educating families living in Perth, Western Australia. The purpose of this group is to help, uplift and support one another and make this homeschooling journey an amazing one.

Homeschool Parents of Highschoolers Perth WA
This group is for homeschooling parents of highschoolers in WA. Note, this group is not for teens, but parents only.

The Network
This is a support group for all those who homeschool or are currently making the transition to homeschooling in Perth, Australia and surrounding areas within WA.

Perth Gifted Homeschoolers
This group is for parents and guardians who are homeschooling or considering homeschooling their gifted children, and who live in Perth, Western Australia. The group functions as a support, a source of ideas, a place to share frustrations, challenges and triumphs, and a space to organise excursions and classes that specifically suit the needs of our quirky kids.

West Australian Homeschooling Kids with Extra Needs
If you are homeschooling children with extra needs, disabilities, giftedness. If you are a family member caring for a child and homeschooling a child that fits the group, you will be able to do so. Carers in exceptional circumstances may be added but will be assessed on an individual basis.

Perth Home Education Nature Group
This group is to support WA families following nature based educational paths that do not involve school. Those considering home education are welcome whilst exploring their options. We organise nature meet ups and excursions in varying locations around the outskirts of the Perth metro area.

Monday Socials
A very casual, social meet for homeschooling children. Catch ups will be held fortnightly on Monday mornings at various parks, rivers and open spaces, mostly throughout the City of Swan area but occasionally may go beyond for area of interest. 

WA Natural Learning Network
This is a closed group for homeschooling families who describe their approach as ‘natural learning’, ‘life learning’, ‘unschooling’, ‘free-range learning’ or similar. We can use this group to post meet up information and to foster a community spirit where-ever you are in WA.

Unschooling Western Australia
A group for those living in Western Australia, who are unschooling or who are moving toward unschooling.

Christian Homeschoolers Western Australia
A place to support one another on the homeschooling journey. Feel free to ask any and all questions related to homeschooling. This is a private group so that we can feel comfortable asking questions that are particular to Christians.

Homeschool Western Australia
This group is open to all homeschoolers regardless of methodology.

Wild Exploring Families
We are a friendly community of nature-loving parents across Perth who homeschool our children. We want to give our children a love for nature; we do this by meeting weekly in differing bush/coast/wetland locations across Perth. There is nothing formal, just families meeting together and enjoying nature.

The Social Homeschooler
This is a place to connect, learn, have fun, find some positive vibes and just be yourself! Weekly catch-ups at various locations and various events to cater for our kids’ needs.

Perth (WA) Homeschoolers; Books & Goods to Buy, Sell & Swap
Homeschooling resources sales: this means items based at pre-primary level curriculum and above. Think things like grammar lesson books, base ten sets/maths manipulatives, science sets, reading books and things along those lines.

WA Home Schooling Sale Page (Western Australia)
This is a Perth WA based group for selling homeschooling items. This page is ONLY for current or recently past home school families with items to sell. Items can include books, science items, special needs therapy items, board games, dress-up costumes and any item relating to homeschooling.

Perth Metro South of River

Cockburn Incursion Club
This group meets fortnightly at the Wandi Progress Association (in the Pavillion) at 302 Da Haer Rd, Wandi. Each fortnight a different incursion has been arranged through different companies and organisations with a variety of subject matters for a variety of ages.

S.O.R Homeschoolers Group (Perth Surrounds) Australia
No info available, but still a current group

Fremantle HomeSchool Community
If you homeschool or unschool or practice natural learning or combine any or all of these together and you live in Fremantle or Cockburn, then this is the group for you! Please use this platform to tell us about activities and events in Fremantle and Cockburn or meet ups and hang outs, for play swaps and co-work ideas, or any other ideas!

Homeschooling Cockburn
Homeschooling community page for sharing resources, organising events, meetups and making new homeschooling connections and fostering friendship.

Perth Metro: Eastern Hills & Swan

Swan Homeschool Incursion Group
This group of homeschool families meet regularly for organised incursions/excursions. Mainly children aged from 6 – 12years.

Midland Library Homeschool Group
This homeschool group (mostly primary-aged kids) runs weekly throughout the school terms at the Old Court House (behind the Midland Library). Activities are usually hands-on STEM based that look at covering subjects such as physics, chemistry, engineering and robotics. We also like to include Art/Craft, Lego, literature, history and any other topics that the group would like as much as possible. Events will be created term by term and a limited number of members will be able to join the activities.

Kelmscott Homeschool Group (Rossiter Pavilion, Piara Waters)
Kelmscott Homeschool Group is a place where homeschoolers can connect with others & build friendships while having the opportunity to participate in activities which enhance their education and learning. There is a mix of professional instructors and volunteer leaders. Website:

Homeschooling in the Shire of Swan
To help support home educators and meet up in our local area. Open to all styles of home education and unschooling etc. This page is to support those who are homeschooling or unschooling now or plan to in the near future only, e.g. within 6 months of starting.

Bassendean and Surrounds Homeschoolers
This is a group to connect homeschoolers in Bassendean and surrounding suburbs. Suburbs for membership include: Bassendean, Maylands, Bayswater, Guildford. Open to school-age children only (and their siblings of course!). You must be currently homeschooling and live in the catchment area.

Happy Hills Homeschoolers Mundaring area
This is for all families homeschooling in and around the Mundaring area to organise social meet ups and share community events. All ages welcome.

Chittering Homeschool Co-op
A weekly co-operative learning group held at Lower Chittering Hall. Weekly classes cover a range of subjects via projects and activities. Suitable for ages 3-17 and curriculum matched for children from pre-primary through until year 10. This is not a drop-and-go group.

Perth Metro: North of River

North of the River Junior Homeschoolers
A group for families with young children North of the River in Perth, Western Australia, who are at various stages of their homeschooling journey. Activities and excursions will mostly be aimed at Junior Primary aged children (K-Yr2), however, members with younger children or younger siblings are most welcome to join. This group aims to fill a gap for parents of younger children who are not yet able to join groups for registered homeschoolers. It is perfect for those who are already homeschooling, planning to homeschool, or are still weighing up options. We aim to create a supportive and welcoming space for families to attend activities and start making connections with other junior homeschoolers.

NOR Homeschool Village
This is a group for home educating families with school age children and their younger siblings in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. A place to discuss home-educating and to share resources and ideas.

Karrinyup and Surrounds Homeschoolers
Karrinyup and Surrounds Homeschoolers (formerly Perth NOR West Homeschoolers) is a social group for homeschooling families who live and around Karrinyup, Perth, who are actively homeschooling (ie have a child of pre-primary age and up registered) to create a local, active homeschooling community and network.

Joondalup and Surrounds homeschooling families
A group for homeschooling families living in the northern suburbs of Perth. (Northern Joondalup and Wanneroo suburbs). This page can be used for organising meet-ups and shared learning experiences, and generally supporting one another.

Butler to Two Rocks Homeschoolers
A group to connect with local homeschooling families living in the far northern suburbs of Perth – from Butler to Yachep/Two Rocks + surrounds sharing local homeschool events + meetups.

Mandurah & Peel

Homeschooling Rocks – Rockingham Incursion Group
Incursions, activities and social events for the Rockingham and surrounding areas home-educating community.

Homeschoolers near Rockingham and Mandurah
This is a support group for homeschooling families living in or near the Rockingham and Mandurah areas.

Regional: South West

Bunbury & Surrounds Home Educating Families
Bunbury home educating group, where we hope to support, share ideas and events amongst other families. You need to be home educating or gathering information to make a decision whether to home educate your children, to be a member here.

South West, Western Australia Homeschooling Network
We are a group for families who home educate in the South West of Western Australia.

Wild + Free Homeschoolers South West Oz
Our desire is to give our children a quality education but also to preserve the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood through nature-based outings and discoveries, book clubs, creativity and child-led learning. Finding our tribe!

SWHEA South West Home Education Association (Western Australia)
A volunteer-run home education association that is incorporated to enable our community access to opportunities that requires groups and/or individual event organisers to have liability insurance. Membership is only open to home-educating families in the South West of Western Australia at a cost of $10 per family, per 12 months. This page is for the sharing of SWHEA insured events or discounts only.

Alternative Homeschoolers of the South West – WA
A place for Unschoolers, Wildschoolers, Lifeschoolers, Gameschoolers, Eclectic Homeschoolers, Natural Learners etc in the Bunbury region/South West of Western Australia to connect and organise casual meet ups, activities and excursions.

Great Southern Home Education Network
This is a support group for home-educating families that live in Albany, Western Australia and the surrounding areas.

Regional: East

Wheatbelt and Avon Valley Homeschooling 
We are a group of homeschooling/home-educating families who live throughout the Avon Valley and Wheatbelt. Our aim is to provide a central place to access information that may help you navigate this crazy journey.

Regional: North

Home Educators Geraldton & Midwest
No info available, but still a current group

National Groups

The Educating Parents Homeschooling & Unschooling
Anyone with an interest in home education can join this group for information about homeschooling and unschooling in Australia.

Gameschooling Australia
Gameschooling Australia is a community group for the buy, sell and trade, and discussion of board games and tabletop games suitable for kids aged 4+ living in Australia. This group is a local spinoff of the international group Gameschool Community. This group is run by, and primarily for, homeschoolers but all are welcome.

Homeschooling Gifted Kids in Australia
This is a group for those homeschooling (or contemplating homeschooling) their gifted children in Australia.

Homeschooling Special Needs Kids Australia
This is a group for homeschooling parents/carers of children with disabilities or additional needs. The group’s aim is to create a safe environment for members to offer and receive support and advice, as well as being a place to share experiences and to seek social opportunities for their kids. Non-homeschoolers looking for ways to better engage their children in learning at home are also welcome.

Home Education Australia
This group has been created as a central hub for home educators and those intending or wanting to learn more to home educate in Australia.

Charlotte Mason Australia
Charlotte Mason Australia is a place to talk about books, Nature Study, Handicrafts, Picture Study, Composer Study, Poetry, Habits, The Science of Relations and all the other beautiful aspects and subjects that make up a Living Education. It is a place for those who are interested in knowing more about Charlotte Mason and her methods. This group is for encouragement, inspiration, support and positive discussion.

Australian Catholic Home Educators
A place to share your events or events you think will benefit the Catholic homeschoolers; discuss all matters relating to your homeschooling journey; advertise your homeschooling support groups; give tips to other Catholic homeschoolers; recommend programmes or curriculums that will make the homeschooling educational experiences easier; or whatever you may think is relevant to Australia’s Catholic homeschooling community

Homeschool Careers and Further Education Community Australia
This is a community site where:

  1. People share tips and insights they have discovered on gaining entry for home educated kids into tertiary study
  2. Parents share about their own careers (past or present) to teenagers who want to learn about it, and offer work experience opportunities (if you are currently working).
  3. You can post job opportunities for home-ed graduates or part time work for home educated teenagers.

The aim is to build up a stock of knowledge gradually and organically as a sharing community. Longer term aspirations are to host our own graduation ceremonies and careers expos. Non-homeschoolers who are willing to share something of their life with home-educated kids are welcome.

Single Parent Home Educators/Homeschoolers Australia
This is a closed group for home educating/schooling single parents to meet and share ideas.

Australian Home Education
This is an Australian only home education group for those currently home educating to: share ideas, resources and information to suit children from pre-primary to Year 12.

National Discounts & Deals Groups

Homeschool Buy, Sell, Swap Australia
A group for Australian homeschoolers to advertise any resources or materials they wish to sell or swap.

Homeschool Deals and Freebies
This is a place for homeschooling parents and homeschool bloggers to post information and links to great sales and freebies available online and off.

Homeschooling Supplies Buy Swap Sell Giveaway Australia
A place for homeschoolers to buy and sell resources.

Homeschool Deals
The moderator of the group posts about the best deals she finds that can relate to homeschooling – books, games, craft kits, school supplies, etc.

Homeschool Group Discounts
Homeschool Group Discounts is set up for homeschooling families to work in groups to obtain greater discounts on educational products and services. Group membership is primarily based in Australia, however many deals are online and can be joined from anywhere in the world.

Australian Homeschool Discount Resources Directory
This group is for Australian-based families only. You will find discounted resources and services for Australian homeschooling families, businesses adding value to our homeschool community in Australia. This is not a parenting group, or a ‘support’ group. It is a group for finding resources for home education.

Australian Collective Homeschool Resources
A group for Australians currently homeschooling to find group discounts on educational resources and access to free resources. If you are home learning due to the covid-19, this is not the right group for you. This group is for full-time, ongoing homeschoolers.