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HEWA in collaboration with HEN have partnered with various educational providers to offer discounts to members.  To access the discount registration forms on this page, login to the website using your membership login details.  Not a member then consider JOINING.

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10% discount on all eBooks

R.I.C. Publications’ core focus is creating high-quality educational resources for teachers. This quality is achieved by meeting the differing needs of students today, creating a learning experience that’s engaging, enjoyable and informative. We’ve crafted comprehensive Australian teaching resources for all year groups, that cover many different activity types and learning styles.

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50% discount on subs

Access a wealth of content and enjoy flexibility in your Home Education program with Skwirk.

Skwirk helps busy home educators cover the Australian curriculum whilst fostering independent learning and recording student progress. Skwirk is easy to navigate through subject, topic and chapter and can be used as an integrated program for six key subject areas or as a springboard for further discussion and revision.

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80% discount on subs

World’s Smartest Learning Program

The Skoolbo Spiral Learning Algorithm evaluates everything a child does and works out the perfect program for them accordingly.

The Daily Challenge draws from thousands of learning activities to provide just the right mix of new concepts, along with revision.

The Skoolbo Voice Analyzer is super smart in recognizing what children say when reading or completing speech and vocabulary activities.

Smart Reports to parents help highlight areas that their child may have difficulty with and suggest great ways to help.

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35% discount

Affordable Online Maths & English Tutoring. Aligned to the Australian curriculum!
Get unlimited access to online tutors, including 1000s of videos, worksheets, interactive whiteboards, help from qualified teachers and more!

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10% discount

on all classes
except Scientific Method

I’m a former homeschool mom who loved teaching so much that I became a full time teacher for other homeschooled kids in 2012 when my son graduated! My local live classes were so popular, that in 2016, I opened Next Level Homeschool. I now offer a wide range of unique courses in science, history, math, language arts, and art classes to students from all over the world. Teaching is my PASSION.

Our courses are based in strong academics, no fluff or surface skimming! We have no live meetings- that means classes are on YOUR schedule!

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50% discount

Learn at your pace, not somebody else’s.
Stop and rewind the lesson until you get it.
Builds confidence.
24 x 7 unlimited access when you want it.

Each of the 1,400+ MathsOnline tutorials last around 4-9 minutes and present the concepts of the maths lesson step-by-step. Using synchronised audio and animation which harnesses both audio and visual learning styles simultaneously.

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35% discount

Artventure provides everything you’ll need to grow your children’s skills and confidence in art.

Simply choose an artwork, watch how it’s created and then follow along step-by-step or use the lesson as inspiration to create your own artwork!

Artventure is trusted by homeschooling families worldwide as a valuable resource and as a key part of their homeschool curriculum.

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40% discount

on family subs

ABC Reading Eggs was created by experienced Australian teachers to help your child learn to read and prepare for school. And it really works!

Watch your child’s confidence grow as they follow the guided, one‑on‑one lessons that perfectly match their ability. They’ll fall in love with the fun gamescolourful animationscatchy songs and exciting rewards.

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Free with Reading Eggs

ABC Mathseeds makes learning essential early maths skills easy and fun for young kids. Suitable for ages 3–9, the program includes 200 highly instructional lessons that help children achieve mastery and develop an early love of maths straight from home.


Filled with colourful animations, interactive activities, exciting rewards and hundreds of printable worksheets, ABC Mathseeds is a powerful way to prepare your child for school or help them improve their confidence and skills if they are struggling.

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30% discount

Ready-Ed Publications are publishers of quality Australian-made teaching resources for all primary years and across all learning areas.

Our innovative and time-saving teaching resources help busy teachers, home school educators and parents with lesson planning, information, activities and more.

We offer Australian curriculum-linked series for History, Geography, Health, Physical Education, Solving Maths Problems, English, Economics and Business and more. Browse all our learning area categories here

With mini-ebooks, free activity sheets, extension materials, and relief teaching resources, Ready-Ed Publications are your one-stop shop.

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