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Welcome to HEWA – Home Education WA (formally HBLN – Home-based Learning Network). We are a not-for-profit, community-based and volunteer-run organisation dedicated to providing support for home-educating families in WA. 
We are not a business or government organisation. We advocate for home-educating parents, provide support services such as parent workshops, home education information and publications as well as run classes, activities and special events.

Wherever you are on your home education journey, we’re here to help. We are dedicated advocates for families creating education tailored to suit their child’s individual needs.

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The Knowledge Collection

Our Facebook group for currently home-educating families is a rich source of knowledge, providing daily curated content and resources.

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HEWA Facebook Page

Our Facebook page provides great information on home ed, learning and more. It’s a great place to start if you’re curious about home education.

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Home Education WA members are eligible for a free “.edu” email address providing access to a range of no-cost and discounted programs and products.

Why Home Educate?

Some families find that their child is not ready for full-time school at pre-primary age and want them to enjoy play-based learning in their early childhood years. Some children are not ready for a heavy emphasis on formal academics. Other children find school overwhelming or exhausting, or may not be ready emotionally or socially for the school system.

Some families find that their child is being bullied, feels unsafe or is highly anxious at school. Home education offers a way for children to learn with others safely and regain confidence and self-esteem either long-term or until they are ready to return to school.

Families with neurodiverse children or children with additional needs sometimes find that school simply cannot provide the learning environment their child needs. Schools are a one-size-fits-all system that can’t cater to everyone, even despite the best efforts of some staff members. Home education provides the opportunity for children to get an education that is tailored for them.

Some families find that school isn’t able to provide the extension their child needs, provide truly meaningful work, or help their child fully develop their talents. Sometimes very bright students are extremely bored in school and this can lead to a variety of problems.

Some students find the transition from primary to high school difficult. For some, the academic pressure, the social dynamics, or even the general nature of high school is very overwhelming and so some families choose home education either for a period of time or longer-term.

Some families feel dissatisfied with the school system for a variety of reasons and find that home education provides an exceptional education for their children. Other families have different educational values and priorities for their children and want something different than what school provides.

Some families find that home education gives them the chance to live a less stressful lifestyle, to enjoy more time together, or perhaps to travel more. The flexibility provides many families with a pace and enjoyment of life that they find valuable.

Each family has different circumstances that lead them to choose home education. Here are just a few stories sharing some family’s reasons for home-educating. Some families refer to unschooling, which is one of many methods or approaches to homeschooling.

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Benefits of Home Education

There are many benefits of home education. Here are some of the main advantages:
  • Caters to a student’s specific needs and allows them to work at their own pace.
  • Allows students ample time to pursue their interests and develop their talents.
  • Provides inclusive, supportive social opportunities and a chance for students to develop great social skills and friendships.

  • Provides an education tailored to how your child learns best.

  • The world is your classroom and students can learn through a wealth of real-life, practical experiences.

  • Home education strengthens family and sibling relationships.

  • Removes the stress and pressure of the school environment.

  • Allows students to develop a strong sense of self and a healthy moral compass.

  • Provides students with many pathways to the workplace or tertiary study.

  • Provides more opportunity for teens to volunteer, work part-time, and enjoy work experience.

  • Allows students to participate in wonderful classes, workshops, incursions, excursions, meet-ups, and community activities.


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