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Getting Started with Home Education

This workshop is perfect for those considering home education or beginning their home education journey. Designed to help you start homeschooling with clarity, confidence, and less stress, it covers all the main things you need to know when you’re getting started! 

  • What is home education and how to register
  • Where to start your home education journey
  • How to navigate the transition from school to home education
  • What are the Education Department requirements for home educators
  • Who is a moderator 
  • How to prepare for your first moderator meeting
  • How to answer the question “but what about socialisation?”
  • How to create a support network and find resources
  • Frequently asked questions, and much more!
  • Have just started homeschooling or are still new to home education and want to start feeling confident.
  • Are looking for comprehensive information on what’s involved with home education in order to decide whether home education is right for them.
  • Want to explore home education as a possible option for their child’s education.
Understanding the WA Curriculum

Understanding the Curriculum, Planning​ & Reporting

This workshop is about understanding your requirements as a home educator. We cover easy ways to plan and report on your child’s progress that satisfy moderators and suit your unique style of home education.

  • How to understand the WA Curriculum and what alternatives can be used
  • Understanding curriculum jargon and shortcuts to jargon-free versions
  • What you do and don’t need to provide your moderator
  • Your curriculum responsibilities
  • Easy ways to plan an educational program that suits your home ed approach
  • Simple ways to report student progress
  • Where to find resources for your home ed program
  • Ways to cater for children who need a highly customised program
  • Ways to meet the curriculum requirements without stress!
  • What to do if you have problems
  • Are new to home education and want to understand the curriculum in more depth.
  • Have been home-educating for some time but want clarification about the curriculum requirements and moderator meetings.
  • Want to learn easy, stress-free techniques for planning and reporting that satisfy requirements but also suit your approach to home education.
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Planning & Reporting for Unschoolers

This workshop is for those who want to know how to meet the Education Department and moderator requirements for providing a home education program and reporting on progress whilst using an unschooling, student-led or natural learning approach. 

  • What are the Education Department requirements of home educators 
  • What are your rights in regard to the curriculum
  • Ways to meet the requirement for an educational program when you are unschoolng/natural learning
  • Ways to meet the requirement for showing student progress when you are unschooling/natural learning
  • Ways to talk to moderators about natural learning 
  • Ways to navigate moderator meetings  and moderator concerns
  • Use a natural learning or unschooling approach to home education and are looking for ways to meet the curriculum requirements using these approaches.
  • Are looking for flexible ways to meet moderator requirements regardless of home education approach.
  • Have a child who requires a highly customised approach to home education. 
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