LEAP (Learn, Educate & Play) is a program of weekly classes for home-educated students held on Thursdays during school terms.

LEAP provides a welcoming environment for students to make new friends, enjoy learning and socialising with peers. Parents are welcome to stay and chat, or drop off and return at the end of the class. Enrol in one class or stay for the whole day.

LEAP is held at Leisurelife Recreation Centre, Kent Street, East Victoria Park.

Classes are run by experienced, friendly and inclusive instructors, and all classes are linked to the WA Curriculum.

How it works

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Dates for 2022

Classes are currently on hold due to COVID restrictions.


Click the button below to enrol for LEAP Thursday classes at East Victoria Park. Registration is not confirmed until payment is received.

Children with teacher


Class fees are paid by the term in advance. 

Public Liability insurance cover is provided by Home Education WA.  HEWA Members (Full) are covered by this insurance free of charge.  To investigate HEWA Membership click below.

Standard and non-HEWA members will pay an additional 20% on top of the total term fee as their contribution towards insurance.

LEAP Classes


The best way to learn science is through hands-on activities! In each class, students will explore a concept and then work through an interactive and practical activity to further develop their understanding and critical thinking skills.

Classes are interactive and designed to engage visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners, and new students are welcome to join in at any stage.

This year-long program taught by Sarah Curran-Ragan will cover the 4 WA Curriculum science strands of Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space, and Physics, as well as the other science strands that run through each term.

Science experiment

Junior Science – Ages 6 to 10yrs

Time:  11:40 am – 12:30 pm

Cost:    $110 HEWA members

             $130 non HEWA members


Science experiment

Senior Science – Ages 10+yrs

Time:  10:35 am – 11:25 am

Cost:    $110 HEWA members

             $130 non HEWA members


Health & Drama

Explorers uses a combination of drama games, role-playing and puppetry to help children learn how to read body language, increase their self-confidence, self-awareness, communication and social skills. Each session will introduce new skills, with both structured and unstructured learning, ensuring children feel secure and supported.

Fusion uses a combination of drama games, role-playing and theatre games, to help young people learn to build resilience, negotiate and resolve conflict, be assertive, communicate effectively, overcome frustrations, develop a growth mindset, reduce anxiety, set goals, build positive relationships and more!

Taught by Jessica Crosse, these classes are ideal for children experiencing anxiety and struggling with self-esteem however, all students can benefit from this program.

Children's drama class

Explorers – Age 5 to 10yrs

Time:  10:35 am – 11:25 am

Cost:    $100 HEWA members

             $120 non HEWA members


Teen drama class

Fusion – Age 10+yrs

Time:  11:40 am – 12:30 pm

Cost:    $100 HEWA members

             $120 non HEWA members


LEAP Policies



As this group is not for profit all activities are run so that they cover the cost of the venue, instructors and consumables.  As a result of this, there is no refund for missed classes as instructors and the venue still need to be paid.  If a class is cancelled due to instructor illness or unavailability of the venue then the fee for that class will be credited and applied to the next term’s fees.  Note: if classes are cancelled due to COVID-19 safety concerns then only 50% of the fee for the cancelled classes will be refunded to families.  The remaining 50% will be used to cover the cost of the venue, instructors and consumables.