Premium Membership

$80.00 No GST charged

Includes all Standard Membership benefits plus insurance

Select 0 if you are new to homeschooling

Select the number of children that are being homeschooled.

Select the relevant school year grouping for each child

Cognitive and/or physical difficulties whether confirmed or suspected

Skip this question if your children have never attended school



Premium membership includes:

  • Insurance for HEWA-run classes
  • Member vote at HEWA AGM
  • Hold office
  • Access to the member’s area of the HEWA website
  • email address to access education pricing
  • Access to members’ discounts
  • Discounts to all HEWA events including the teen ball, workshops, classes, and groups
  • Access to HEWA Scholarships and Grants
  • And all new benefits HEWA manages to secure during the course of your membership